Sodium dichloroisocyanurate 56%
Molecular Formula: C3N3O3Cl2Na M.W.:219.98
CAS#: 2893-78-9
Property: White powder or grain with chlorine odor . It is a strong oxidant and chlorating agent and can dissolved in water easily . It's aqueous solution assumes weak acidity and the active chlorine in its dry products lose little when it is stored for a long time at the atmospheric temperature .
Main technical data: active chlorine content:56%, PH of 1%queous solution:6-7. Unsolvable matter: 0.1%max. Moisture 6-10% Powder: fine powder. Grain size:8-30 mesh,20-60mesh. tablet: from 1g to 100g
Main usage: this products can effectively kill various germs, funguses and viruses, specially A&B type hepatitis viruses. It is effective on killing algae, decolorizing cleaning water or bleaching .It can be widely used for epidemic prevention, livestock farming , industry and agriculture.
Packing : 25kg woven plastic bag lined with double plastic bags. One-ton plastic bag 50kg plastic drums or 40kg cardboard barrel lined with plastic bag. or packing according to buyer's demand.
Storage &transportation: stored in cool, dry place, and keeping away from sunlight. No contacting with nitride and reductive matter. It can be carried by trains, trucks or ships .

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