Cyanuric Acid(CYA)

Chemical Name:2,4,6-Trihydroxy-1,3,5-Triazine
Synonym: Isocyanuric acid, Tricyanic acid
Molecular Formula: C3N3O3H3
M.W.: 129.1
Property: Odorless white crystalline powder or grain.
Main technical data:
Specifications powder granular
Assay 98.5%min 98.0%min
Moisture 0.5%max 0.5%max
Ash content 0.1%max 0.1%max
Sulphate: 0.5%max 0.5%max
Iron 30ppm max 35ppm max
Chloride base content 0.003%max 0.003%max
Ammelide / Ammeline 0.5%max 0.5%max
Grain Size fine powder 90%be8-30mesh
Used in manufacture of cyanuric acid Br Chemical Compound, Chloride, Br&Cl compound and cyanuric acid salt, ester ect. They can be applied in synthesizing of new-type disinfectant, water treatment agent, bleaching agent, colorizing agent, anti-oxidized agent, paint coating, selective herbicide etc. and they are also be widely used in swimming-pool chlorine stabilizing agent, ilon, plastic, polyester, anti-bruning, and cosmetic addictive and special resin synthesizing etc. Poly-weaving bag 25kg or 50kg cardboard cask(granular)

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